Sunday, August 23, 2015

2015-2016 Geometry Scope & Sequence

Recently I spent a little more time looking at the Common Core Geometry standards while making these standards posters.  It forced me to rethink how I teach topics, what order I teach them in, and made me realize that I am not targeting the standards the way that I want to.  It also made me realize that I didn't fully understand all of the standards.

Which led to this...

I've since redone the web on regular printer paper, one page for each domain (because that poster won't fit into my planning binder).  I then went through and brainstormed ideas for some of the standards that I wanted to improve upon for next year.  I also did some internet searching for any of the standards that I couldn't come up with something for or that needed more.  

This led me to revamping my scope and sequence.  I tried to do this at the beginning of the summer.  I re-sequenced the my units, and then that was it because I got lazy and had no inspiration to really improve anything else.  So ultimately I'm thankful that I decided that I no longer want to write out all of the standards on the board anymore.  

I decided to share my Geometry Scope and Sequence because I know how difficult it is to find such resources for Geometry.    I may edit it over the next few days as I work with more this week to align my unit plans, so if I do, I will share any new updates in a future post.

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