Tuesday, August 2, 2016

20 Facts About Me [#MTBoSBlaugust]

It's #MTBoSBlaugust 2016!  I'm challenging myself to blog daily throughout August, and you can too.  Join the fun!

Just for fun, and just because I never post anything (directly) about myself, here are 20 (semi-interesting and possibly weird) facts about me:

1.  In 2nd grade, we had a teacher that gave every student an award at the end of the year.  She developed different categories for different talents and strengths.  I received the "Math Whiz" award; it was so prophetic.  I really want to laminate it and put it up in my classroom, but it's somewhere in my parents' house and we can't find it.

2.  I am definitely a cat person, but I like dogs too.  As long as they don't jump on me.  Or slobber on me.  Or haven't been outside in the rain and have that wet-dog smell.

3.  Grey is my absolute favorite color.  I feel like grey is the ultimate professional clothing color.  Grey is my black.

4.  In between graduating college and landing my teaching job, I worked in a jewelry store for 2 years.  I know way too much about diamonds.

5.  The sports in which I participated in high school were Air Rifle and Intramural Floor Hockey.  Sadly, neither sport is still played in the school.  (This is the answer to the question that my students ask me the most.)

6.  I'm 5'2".  I wear high heels just about every day or I have little chance of being able to monitor my students effectively (in my opinion).  I am always asking my students to sit down otherwise I can't see everything that is going on in my classroom.  I even bought sneakers that have a hidden wedge for the days that I dress down.  (Bonus fact:  my little brother is 6'4".  It's so unfair.)

7.  I am the oldest of three children.  I encompass everything you've ever read about oldest children.

8.  I also encompass everything you have ever read (that was true) about a Virgo.  I know star signs are not accurate for everyone, but mine definitely is.

9.  If I ever find the time, I really enjoy scrapbooking and crafting.  I also love photography, and the visual arts in general.

10.  In speaking of the arts, music gives me so much life.  I love 70s punk rock, 80s hair metal, and 90s alternative.  I basically just love rock music in general and pop music that brings on the nostalgia.

11.  For all four years of high school I participated in our NJROTC unit.  It absolutely changed my life.  I attended leadership academy in between my sophomore and junior year, and learned to sail.  After that I became the only person to hold the position of Battalion Executive Officer (second in command) for two consecutive years.

12.  Chocolate and marshmallow is my favorite combination. Don't get me wrong, I love all of the chocolate things (except white chocolate - that's not chocolate!), but chocolate and marshmallow is just superior.

13.  I refuse to curse in front of my students.  They always assure me that their other teachers curse, and that it's okay, but I still won't do it.  Unless it's by accident, which has happened twice in four years.  When they ask me if I ever curse, I tell them that it only happens when I drive.

14.  My favorite tv show of all-time is Married...with Children.

15.  My favorite pizza topping is banana.  Don't knock it til you try it; and unless you're a 90s kid that watched Doug religiously, then you probably won't get it.

16.  I am a workaholic.  I need to stop that.

17.  I am addicted to YouTube.  Most people binge watch Netflix, I binge watch DIY videos, scrapbooking videos, hair and make-up tutorials, etc.  YouTube has become a way of life.  I have it on while I do school work at home, make dinner, and clean.  I carry my iPad around the house with me everywhere.  Actually, I literally bought my iPad just so I could watch YouTube wherever I wanted.  (I actually recorded a classroom tour for the 2015-2016 school year.  I just have to edit it.  I hope to make it into a Blaugust post.)

18.  I am so anti-traveling.  For example, my husband says that he would like to travel to Germany.  I say that is fine if we can go to Berlin, visit the Ramones museum, find something to eat, and then come back.  He says it doesn't work that way.  Can we just invent teleportation already?

19.  I was so very anti-Star Wars.  I'm a math teacher.  I cannot be a Star Wars fan on top of it.  There's only so much nerdiness I can handle.  My husband dragged me to see The Force Awakens and despite my best effort to hate it, I absolutely loved it, and now I'm hooked.  I'm now a full-on nerd.

20.  I hated math until my senior year of high school when I took Calculus.


  1. #2 - total truth!!

    #19 - And how do you feel about Star Trek? :)

    But bananas on a pizza??? That just doesn't even sound appetizing :)

    1. I cannot do Star Trek too. I will lose what's left of my street cred.


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