Sunday, August 14, 2016

School Supply Haul [#MTBoSBlaugust]

It's #MTBoSBlaugust 2016!  I'm challenging myself to blog daily throughout August, and you can too.  Join the fun!

There is no time like Blaugust to try something new with your blog.  Today I decided to try a vlog post.  Since I enjoy watching haul videos on YouTube, I thought it would be fun to make a haul video for my back to school supplies instead of the usual list of supplies.  I recorded the video with the front facing camera of my iPhone 6s, and then air dropped the video to my iPad and edited it with the iMovie app.  It was surprisingly easy.  I'm now eager to film a classroom tour the same way.  (I go back for the first time all summer tomorrow for August Regents review.  I think I'm going to start setting up my classroom this week.)

Here is my first ever vlog:

These are the supplies I ordered through my district: 
-Bottles of glue - 24
-Butterfly clips
-One gallon glue refill
-File folders - box of 100
-1 1/4" binder clips - 12 pack
-2" binder clips - 12 pack
-Masking tape
-Traditional compasses - 20
-Flat compasses - 24
-Pencils - 3 boxes at 96 per box (plus I purchased like 10 boxes of 20 before last school year ended)
-Dry erase markers - 16 pack
-Highlighters - 36 
-Tape re-fill - 6 pack
-Clear rulers - 10 pack
-Fine tip dry erase markers - 16 pack
-AAA Batteries - 60

I have not ordered any patty paper yet, but I plan to once the school year starts.  I probably have enough for this year, but I end up hoarding it in fear of running out.  If I have a back-up box, then I won't worry so much.  I also purchased a new box of laminating pouches.  I assure you I have more colored pens than any single person will ever need in their lifetime, but I might just buy more anyway.  Tis the season.

Am I missing anything that you think is an essential?   


  1. This was great! Loved the video. The only thing that I would recommend is that you pick up a pack of plastic sheet protectors. ( I use them a LOT in class. Whenever we do walk-around "scavenger hunt" activities, I put the problems in these. I find that if I don't, some student will write the answer on the page, which then ruins the activity.

    Also, I don't use INB's in two of my four preps, instead I just keep up a binder like you are going to do. I keep all of my notes inside the plastic sheet protectors so when a student decides they need to compare notes to mine, I don't get a binder returned with pages ripped where the hole-punches are.

    My last main use is I keep a binder for all of my extra tests and quizzes. I keep all of my extras, per assessment, in one of these plastic sleeves. I really love this system, which I've been doing since student teaching. Two other teachers in my department started doing it since they loved the organization and ease of finding something (when you teach 4 preps, organization is key).

    1. I live by page protectors. I use them for (almost)every binder ever. I also like to use them in pronged folders. I've stocked up on so many, I won't need to buy any for awhile.


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