Sunday, August 11, 2013

Parent Survey

During the last #geomchat that I participated in, other teachers seemed interested in the survey I give to my parents the first night of school.  It only seemed natural that I share and expand on the topic.

The first day of school, I go over my course information with my students.  I have it formatted as a letter to them and their parents.  Their homework is to share the letter with their parents, and have their parents fill out their contact information and sign that they have both read and agree to the course requirements.  On the back of the contact sheet is a survey for the parents to respond to in regards to their child.  Last year I tried this not expecting great results.  I was pleasantly surprised by the volume and quality of the responses I received.  They were so helpful in planning my class activities.

I was also given the suggestion to offer the survey on Google Forms for parents to fill in.  I am seriously considering this as it will organize all the information into one spreadsheet.  However, the drawback is that not all of the families I work with have a home computer/internet access/smart phone. 

Here for you is the parent contact information and survey sheet that I use.  My contact information sheet is thorough, and I will scale it back this year since we have SchoolTool.

I also found a similar parent survey for free on Teachers Pay Teachers.  It's a shorter version, and I like that it's in a 3-2-1 format because I use them with my students all the time.

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