Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Parent Survey Success

I just wanted to compose a short post as an update to my parent survey post.  I finally sat down to read the responses I received.  I cannot help but to compare them to last year.  Last year I had a few parents share their concern that their child had been the victim of bullying and the fear that it would continue.  I had one parent that used the survey as an opportunity to belittle their child.

This year was different in a few ways.  Firstly, there were no reports of bullying, and the responses were positive.  Overall, parents were receptive to the opportunity to share their thoughts with me.  I even had one parent thank me for taking the time to get to know their child.  I was very pleased with all of the responses I received, but this one was my favorite:  "...if you have any trouble with him give me a call. I don't think you teachers get enough parent support. Thank you for teaching my child."

So far, I feel like this school year is off to a fantastic start.  

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