Sunday, October 6, 2013

Exploring MTBos Post #1

I'm participating in Exploring the MathTwitterBlogosphere for the next 8 weeks.  Learn more here.  This is my response to the first blogging prompt.

One thing that happens in my classroom that makes it distinctly mine is total organization.  Having my classroom organized is essential to my being able to teach.  It's also an extension of myself.  I'm a very organized person, and I love being organized, and re-organizing to make my organizational systems better.  It helps to make my students more organized, and keeps all processes running smoothly (most of the time).

I know the questions asked for one thing, but there's another.  My classroom is bright and colorful (or will be as we get through the curriculum).  This is unique because I'm a secondary teacher.  Most secondary classrooms are dull and boring.  I've never seen another classroom as colorful as mine.  I love to make my own posters and have students make posters to showcase what they've learned. 

You can find more about my classroom organization and decor from future and previous posts.


  1. I agree! An organized classroom and teacher will help processes run more efficiently and promote clearer expectations. A messy, unorganized environment often leads to misplaced resources and all around confusion for students and teachers. I saw your classroom pictures in one of your previous posts...very neat and organized, yet inviting at the same time. I hope to see even more pictures as the school year progresses.

  2. Sounds like your classroom is amazing. I envy your organization, as I tend to be "too random"! At our school, teachers do not have their own classrooms. The students stay in a classroom and the teachers move around. Each form (grade) does have a form teacher and that teacher may put stuff up on the walls. In the past, I have posted student projects on the walls of their classroom, but I don't have the luxury of my own classroom.

    1. I know that I am very fortunate to have my own classroom. I often forget how difficult it is for teachers that have so many great ideas that are foiled by not having their own space.

  3. I like a colorful classroom, too. But at our high school, a lot of teachers have added color. Not all of it is systematic, though. Our social studies teachers has wall to wall posters; lots of color, but way too busy for my eyes.

    I suspect your room is visually organized since you like organization. I hope you blog about specific ways you organize things so we can get some good tips!


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