Saturday, June 27, 2015

Home Office Update

Since my first home office tour post, I had to make a change, and I'm excited to share it.  One of my favorite things about how I re-did my home office was hanging the baskets on the wall to create more storage space.  This worked well, until the 3M hooks I was using didn't hold up.  I initially thought that the baskets were too heavy, so I purchased a larger set of 3M hooks.  These didn't hold up either.  Now I'm not sure if the baskets are too heavy, or if the adhesive was affected by the weather because we had a very cold winter, and baskets were mounted to an exterior wall.  I decided to instead try using picture hooks.  (I don't want to jinx it, but so far, so good.  I only made this change on Wednesday.)

The part that I'm most excited about is my new bulletin boards!  (You can see the baskets on the side.)
I bought the bulletin tiles at Target for $8.  (Those are hexagon bulletin tiles!  Hexagons!  I'm too excited about that.)  I've been wanting some kind of bulletin board solution for the wall in front of the desk ever since I finished re-organizing the home office.  I also knew that I had to do something to make the bulletin boards pretty, just because.  So my love of papercrafting came in very handy.

For the top left bulletin board, I used a blue floral washi tape to create stripes.  Washi tape doesn't adhere to cork very well, so I left extra tape on both sides and used my Tim Holt'z Tiny Attacher to staple each end of the tape to the back of the board.  For the top right board, I outlined the edges with washi tape.  Then I strung three pieces of twine across the board and secured them to the back with the Tiny Attacher.  I put a clothespin on one strand.  I'll put more up to hang things.  I might make some triangle bunting for one of the strands.   For the bottom left board, I cut a piece of paper to fit half of the board.  I adhered it with Mod Podge, and then outlined the boarder with washi tape.  For the bottom right board, I covered the entire board with paper, again using Mod Podge.

I love how this project came out.  It brightens up my whole office space, and will hopefully keep me motivated/focused when I start planning for next school year.

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