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2015-2016 Geometry INB Unit 9 (Coordinate Geometry) [#MTBoSBlaugust]

It's #MTBoSBlaugust 2016!  I'm challenging myself to blog daily throughout August, and you can too.  Join the fun!
See last year's INB pages from this unit here.

This unit has also had a complete overhaul from last year.  Here is the table of contents:

We started by reviewing writing linear equations.  The one thing students seem to need the most practice on is solving for y when the equation is given in standard form.

Then we did the slope of parallel and perpendicular lines.  I kept this very simple.  I definitely want to give a discovery activity I have for this topic another try.

Then we combined the first two topics into Equations of Parallel & Perpendicular lines.

The next day we moved to Partitioning Segments.  I was so lost on this topic at first because I had to teach myself before I could teach this to my students.  I wrote a reflection on how my first time teaching it went.  I literally copied what I could find on Math Bits Notebook into the notes because I did not know how to articulate the concept.  I'm excited for teaching this again next year now that I know how to teach it.

Our next topic was the Distance Formula.  Next year I want to include grids into the notes so students have the tools necessary to use the Pythagorean Theorem if they wish.

The next day we had the lesson that wasn't.  Something else was going that day so it was a quick explanation, and a recommendation that students try to do two more examples on their own.  I was not quite sure about how to incorporate the Perpendicular Bisector Theorem, or if it was supposed to be included at all.  I used to teach students how to find the equation of the perpendicular bisector.  Next year I will teach how to find the equation, and then we will do this example of verifying the theorem.

Then we started coordinate proofs.  First we did a day of only using the distance formula.  (Yay more booklets!)

The next day we used only the slope formula to complete proofs.

I am open to any ideas or suggestions you may have.  Feel free to comment below.

Editable word documents are available via email.

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